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Young newlyweds Sunni and Flynn, along with their friend Tyler, travel across the state with plans to start a new life. Along the way, they stay at a guest house on Moorehouse Road, on a property owned and occupied by an eccentric woman and her mute son. Strange incidents begin to occur during their stay, and the visit becomes increasingly terrifying when they learn the bizarre owners are hiding a dark family secret.

Filmed and produced in Western Australia. 

Starring Hannah Arevalo, Taylor Than-Htay, Lawrence Murphy, Kate Hall, Grady O'Connell.

Written and Directed by Christopher Mark Peters. Cinematography by David Laurance.

Produced by CHRAVE

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"Moorehouse Road is a seriously impressive

feature film debut"

-Matthew Eeles, Cinema Australia 



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MHR is currently doing a

festival and limited theatrical run.

We will be available on streaming and

on-demand services soon.

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